Spousal & Child Support


Spousal Support (Alimony)

A divorce can be extremely stressful, and the potential financial burden can intensify this stress. If your spouse had a higher income than you, you are able to receive spousal support, or alimony. Perhaps your income is not enough to support yourself, or to support yourself and your child if you are maintaining custody. Spousal support will allow you to continue to live comfortably. Our family law lawyer will help you to understand the laws surrounding alimony and what you are entitled to. Then, we will work on your behalf to reach an agreement, so you can receive a level of support that allows you to move forward.

Child Support

Raising a child is expensive. The cost of daycare is always rising, not to mention the costs from food, medicine, dentistry, clothing, tuition and activities. After a divorce, it is essential that you and your child can continue to experience a reasonable lifestyle. Our team will help you understand both yours and your child’s legal entitlements and rights. Our child support lawyers will ensure you receive a fair and desirable amount of support from the other party, so you can continue to provide your child with a high quality of life.

Contested Support

If you are contesting a spousal or child support claim that you believe is excessive or unfair, we can help you. With our extensive knowledge in the laws regarding child and spousal support, we can create a solid argument to put before the court. Our goal is to reach an outcome that is fair to you and lessens your financial burden.

Consult our family law lawyers in Montreal to determine what you may be entitled to or what may be consider grounds to contest a support amount.

Our experienced lawyers will analyze your personal circumstances to determine what would be the best course of action for your alimony and spousal support request or contestation.  Namely, we will look into the following:

  • Financial hardships suffered by spouse;
  • The financial capacity to pay of debtor;
  • Duration of the marriage;
  • Duration of payment of spousal support;
  • How to establish the spousal support amount;
  • Taxation of spousal support payments,
  • Modification of spousal support payments.