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The estate lawyers at Allen Madelin Inc. in Montreal, Quebec will protect your interests.
The estate lawyers at Allen Madelin Inc. in Montreal, Quebec are experienced in will and estate matters and can assist you with all the issues you may face in the area of estate law.

How can our estate lawyers protect your interests as an estate executor or liquidator?

Are you struggling with your legal duties as the executor/liquidator or co-executor of an estate?

Do you want to ensure you are protected against possible claims against you?

The estate lawyers at Allen Madelin Inc. will provide you with expert legal advice to ensure you and your loved ones avoid costly mistakes, saving you time and money. Acting as the executor of a will can be difficult and overwhelming; our lawyers will ensure you are protected as the executor of an estate. We can assist you with situations such as the following:

  • Probating an estate with or without a will
  • Providing practical and straight-forward advice on your executor/estate trustee duties
  • Solving estate disputed over executor conduct or misconduct
  • Resolving executor compensation and accounting claims
  • Obtaining court orders for the sale and partition of property

If you live outside on Quebec but have been named as the liquidator/executor of an estate within Quebec, our legal team can also assist you with additional tasks you may not be able to complete. Our lawyers have also taken on the role of estate liquidators when clients have requested this due to the often overwhelming nature of managing a complex or large, high-value estate.

For more general information on your duties as an estate liquidator, you can consult the guide provided by the Educaloi.qc.ca,

Educaloi.qc.ca – Roles & Responsibilities as Executor

An estate lawyer can assist you with contesting a will.

Have you been excluded from a will unjustly?

Do you want to challenge the actions of the liquidator or executor of the estate?

Do you wish to have a will invalidated or disinherit an existing heir?

A will can be contested for a variety of reasons, or a spouse or dependent can make a claim against the estate. Whatever the issue may be, there are strict time limits for taking legal steps against an estate or estate executor. If you don’t act in time, you could lose the opportunity to defend your rights. Some possible reasons a will may be contested are the following:

  • The will was not executed correctly
  • The last will does not truly represent the wishes of the deceased
  • A mistake was made in the preparation of the will that would deem the will invalid
  • The will is not genuine and fraud was attempted; signatures were forges, pages were removed, etc.
  • The deceased was not in the mental and/or physical capacity to understand the implications of the latest will
  • Challenging a will based on unusual family circumstances
  • Challenging a will based on undue influence or manipulation
  • Dependents contesting for support
  • A provision of the will is deemed illegal

The estate lawyers at Allen Madelin Inc. can help you navigate the complicated process that contesting a will can be. The information on this page is not meant to provide you with legal advice; every individual’s unique circumstances will determine the legal steps they should take in contesting a will, if this is the right option. We recommend seeking out the counsel of our qualified lawyers who specialize in this niche area of the law and have the expertise to guide you in your decision making process.

Our estate lawyers can provide expert legal advice in estate planning.

Do you need legal advice in preparing your will?

Would you like practical answers to your questions about estate law and its application to your unique circumstances and assets?

Do you want to ensure that your loved ones will not be left with a stressful situation to manage when you have passed?

Estate planning is what you do for the loved ones you will be leaving behind. The best way to avoid some of the legal disputes outlined above, such as the contesting of your will  is to ensure your will is drafted properly in a way that truly represents your desired outcomes. Estate planning will help ensure the prevention of these legal problems before they arise. Our estate lawyers will assist you in investing in a sensible will and estate plan so that your loved ones will not be left with legal and financial stress.

If you are unsure of why estate planning is so important, even if you don’t have many large assets to protect, consider consulting the article by Investopedia below that explains the importance of this process in Canada.

Estate Planning for Canadians

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