Will & Estate Planning

  • Do you want to consult a lawyer for questions regarding your will or your tax and estate planning?
  • Do you need help to draw up a will that will reflect your wishes and best suit your situation?
  • Do you want legal advice to put in place a mandate in case of incapacity (a living will), a document in which you formally designate a person who will be responsible for you and your well-being should you become incapacitated through illness or accident?
  • Do you require legal assistance to contest a will which does not reflect the wishes of the testator?

We can help prepare your will to reflect your intentions and protect your interests.

We can help you contest a will that does not reflect the last wishes of the testator, notably in circumstances where the testator didn’t have the mental capacity to make an informed decision on how to dispose of his/her assets, or because the testator was manipulated by persons who wanted to collect the inheritance.

We can act when a will does not respect the format prescribed by the law, such as problems relating to holograph/witnessed wills.

We can act in situations where there is a disagreement between the heirs or the executors.

We can also act in situations concerning the issue of legal capacity, including in cases involving the Public Curator of Québec.

Moreover, we can effectuate tax rollovers and estate freezes, in collaboration with accountants.