• Do you have questions for a lawyer in insurance law?
  • Is your insurer refusing to compensate you for a justifiable claim?
  • Do you want to contest the compensation amount that your insurer has paid you?
  • Has your insurer cancelled your insurance contract?
  • Do you wish to consult a lawyer for questions regarding your life insurance, damage insurance, personal insurance, or professional liability insurance?
  • Were you a victim of bodily harm?
  • Do you have questions about civil liability?

Consulting a lawyer can help when you contest a decision of your insurer with respect to questions regarding your insurance coverage or the interpretation of your policy. We can represent you when your insurer refuses to pay compensation for a claim, suggests an inadequate compensation or even refuses to pay you the amount stipulated in your insurance contract.

Did you know your insurer can refuse to compensate you for a claim if a false declaration was made, or if there was a lack of notification by the insured of an increased risk? However, to proceed in such a fashion, they need to respond to certain criteria. Make sure to consult us if you believe your insurer has overstepped their bounds.