• Do you want to consult a lawyer because you have been a victim of medical error?
  • Have you been a victim of mistreatment during your stay at a hospital or during your stay in a health institution?
  • Were your needs neglected by the health care personnel?
  • Did your doctor refuse to give you medical care that you have a right to?
  • Were your wishes as a sick individual disrespected?
  • Do you wish to have a lawyer represent you because you want to dispute a medical treatment?

Assistance and representation from a lawyer can help you with your questions regarding access or consent to medical care, access to your medical records, preventing risks, and access to other information. A lawyer can represent patients and their families against healthcare institutions and medical staff.

We can represent you in court before tribunals and help you defend your case by demonstrating that the medical error you suffered led to damages for which you are claiming compensation of. We can help you determine the amount of monetary and moral damages that you may seek.

Did you know that for a long time, Quebec tribunals, unlike their American counterparts, were reluctant to grant compensation for victims of medical errors? Today, the trend seems to be reversed. A victim of medical error can, by proving the healthcare professional’s fault, obtain compensation. To do so, the victim must demonstrate the fault; the damages suffered due to the fault, and the causal link between the fault and the prejudice.