• Have you been dismissed from your job?
  • Have you suffered from a loss of status or prestige (such as a disguised dismissal)?
  • Do you need help from a lawyer with a complaint related to your employment?
  • Were you a victim of unjust punishment by your employer?
  • Were you a victim of psychological harassment at your workplace by your employer or colleagues?
  • Was your employment prestige compromised because you were pregnant?
  • Is your union not representing your interests?

A lawyer can help protect your rights in the areas of employment and labour.

We can help you every time your rights have been breached. A lawyer can represent you when your employer takes wrongful actions against you and when he/she doesn’t respect your rights.

We can help you obtain compensation after a wrongful dismissal.

In certain cases, we can also help you get a judgment ordering your employer to reinstate your position.