Permits, Registration & Applications


Our Montreal law firm is experienced in the field of corporate law. Do you need a lawyer for legal issues for your business or company? Have you considered that you might need the assistance of a lawyer when applying for permits or for the registration of your business? It is important to have a dedicated lawyer on your side when handling all matters related to your business, even when preparing the initial registration of your business.

We can help with all the usual corporate needs, and in particular, we have experience with:

  • The incorporation of companies (incorporation), under the Canada Business Corporations Act (Federal incorporation), the Quebec Business Corporations Act (Quebec provincial incorporation), or according to the laws of other jurisdictions, including New York, Delaware, Ontario, and elsewhere through our correspondents;
  • Registration of businesses
  • For the legal organization of companies and minute books;
  • For the drafting of shareholders’ agreements;
  • For the change of corporate names;
  • For extra-provincial or international registrations with the Quebec Companies Registry;
  • For GST, HST and QST registration;
  • For the preparation of annual resolutions and returns;
  • Acting as a representative for service or local address for certain foreign corporations;
  • For purchase, sale and financing transactions;
  • For the formation of holding companies (holding) and tax rollovers;
  • For the constitution of trusts family and other estate planning measures;
  • Any other usual corporate law transaction;

Moreover, we regularly assist clients who are owners of restaurants and bars in cases concerning their procurement and maintenance of liquor licenses, along with other matters of administrative law including litigation before the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux (RACJ).