Interprovincial & International

  • Are you are based outside of Quebec and need to be represented for a dispute in Quebec?
  • Are you a lawyer outside of Quebec and are looking for a colleague to represent you in a matter in Quebec?
  • Are you a non-resident of Quebec and are looking for a lawyer to defend your interests in Quebec?
  • Are you a foreigner and have a cause before a court in Quebec?
  • Do you want to register and enforce a judgment in Quebec?

We work for individuals and businesses based outside Quebec to enable them to defend and do recognize their rights in Quebec.

We can help you with all the necessary procedures in order to make your judgment enforceable in Quebec. We can approve or give effect to a judgment of divorce, a judgment on application for spousal support, a judgment against a creditor who resides in Quebec. We offer a bilingual service.

You’re a lawyer and you need to have a foreign judgment recognized and enforced in Quebec? We regularly act to have foreign and extra-provincial judgments recognized by the Quebec courts to make them executory or enforceable in Quebec. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.