Intellectual Property


Modern technology has helped businesses to expand rapidly. At the same time, it has also made it possible for a competitor to engage in acts of unfair competition on an unprecedented scale due to the availability of information. Every business generates valuable intellectual property that requires protection in an increasingly competitive and globalized marketplace. It is especially important to protect your intellectual property if you plan to export your products.

The lawyers at Allen Madelin Inc. have recognized the new challenges and opportunities presented by intellectual property rights in the modern day. We assist clients in protecting their valuable assets. We can assist you in undertaking preventative measures, such as obtaining patents/trademarks etc. Additionally, we can assist with ongoing issues and litigation matters related to your intellectual property.

Our lawyers possess wide-ranging expertise in patents, trade-marks, copyright, industrial designs and trade secrets. Our expertise covers all aspects of prosecuting, commercializing and enforcing such rights. We offer the expertise that our clients need combined with the ability to deliver client-focused business solutions and effective representation of our clients best interests.

If you have an issue with your intellectual property rights being infringed upon, our lawyers can prepare and prosecute applications for a variety of intellectual property rights such as patents, trade-marks and industrial designs. We will conduct research and provide opinions on the full range of your rights in the given situation. We can assist in licensing arrangements, regulatory compliance, legislative interpretation. We also have experience in litigation surrounding all subject areas of intellectual property.

We can assist with intellectual property issues and litigation in areas such as:

  • Software and systems – electrical engineering, mathematics, nanotechnology, computer engineering, software engineering, systems design engineering, application development
  • Life sciences – bioinformatics, biology, biomedical engineering, biotechnology, genetics, oil and gas, microbiology, immunology, pharmacy
  • Chemical – biochemistry, chemical engineering, chemistry
  • Industrial/mechanical – civil engineering, clean energy, industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, physics
  • Manufacturing – patented/trademarked designs or materials (clothing, consumer products, methods of manufacturing etc.)