Our Team

We offer our clients a vast array of legal services adapted to personal, family, and business needs. We rely on a solid team of lawyers & paralegals to provide effective and personalized service that best promotes our clients’ interests.

We are a team of dedicated Montreal lawyers and paralegals. From the first telephone call, one of our paralegals will gather the necessary information to evaluate your needs and our ability to help you. Without any obligation on your part or ours, she will obtain information to open your file, the names and coordinates of other parties to the action or transaction, and a brief chronology of the facts. She will guide you on the essential documents to bring for an initial meeting with one the lawyer, and will attempt to identify the issues and your need for support. She will also give you information on our fees.

This information will ensure that we can help you from the first meeting. To begin the relationship, you must agree to a contract for professional services based on your needs, as well as the means of payment adapted to your situation (fixed rate, hourly rate, percentage, or other). We accept payments by cheque, cash, Interac, Visa, and MasterCard and offer reasonable rates. Contact our Montreal lawyers today for a consultation.

Meet Our Team


Dorin Holban is a dedicated lawyer with  experience in the fields of family, corporate, and civil law in Quebec.

Dorin Holban

Senior Associate Lawyer

Marie Madelin holds both a law degree and an MBA. Before becoming a lawyer, she worked for more than 10 years in marketing and sales in the private sector.


Given her extended tenure with the firm, Katherine has assisted with a wide variety of legal matters and has experience in many diverse areas of the law.

Katherine Mclean-Lynch

Paralegal & Commissioner of Oaths

Mallory is an experienced paralegal who is dedicated to ensuring clients receive access to justice.

Mallory Allan

Paralegal/Accounting Clerk

Meghan is a professional paralegal who is always involved with the concerns of our clients from the time they enter the firm, through to the completion of the matter.

Meghan Keenan