Wills & Succession

  • Do you require legal information concerning your estate planning?
  • Do you have practical questions about the law of successions and its application to your case?
  • Do you need legal advice to prepare your will?
  • Do you wish to have a will invalidated?
  • Do you want to contest a will?
  • Have you have been excluded from a will and want to defend your rights?
  • Do you want to know your rights as an heir?
  • Do you want to challenge the actions of the liquidator or executor of the estate or succession?

A lawyer will allow you to answer your questions on succession law. We will help you to put in place a strategy to protect your interests and defend your rights in the best way, notably through the preparation of your will. We will advise you on all your questions about wills, on how best to challenge a will, on the choice of the heirs and the legitimacy of heirs, the extent and the determination of the inheritance left by the deceased, the debts covered by the deceased, the bequests, the donations, and the interpretation of testamentary dispositions.

The assistance of a lawyer is valuable for the probate of wills, and the contestation of wills, but also for all matters relating to the administration of the assets of the estate. In addition, we can represent you in the event of a dispute with the liquidator of the succession.