Purchase & Sale

  • Are you planning to purchase or sell a business?
  • Are you buying or selling a business?
  • Have you just acquired a business?
  • Do you have questions regarding the financing for your business?

Relying on the legal advice and services of a lawyer is essential to help decode the regulations, defend your rights, help you find the solutions most adapted to your needs.

We can help you at each of the stages of the purchase and sale of a business or other assets: from the drafting and signing of a letter of intent through the due diligence, the negotiation of the purchase and sale agreement, mortgages or liens, and up to the closing and the post-closing of transaction, in collaboration with other professionals, including accountants.

The legal aspects are essential during these operations of sale or purchase of a business. The use of the services of a lawyer is essential to choose the form of company most suited to your projects and your situation: corporation (under the Quebec Business Corporations Act, the Canada Business Corporations Act, or the law of another jurisdiction), sole proprietorship, partnership or limited partnership, cooperative, not-for-profit organization (NPO), etc.

A lawyer may advise by taking into account all relevant factors of your specific situation: presence of business partners, the financial resources available, the size and projects of the busines or the company, etc.