Our Montreal law firm can help you navigate employment law and answer your questions about labor regulation, rights, obligations, and contractual services.

  • Do you need a lawyer to help you better understand employment law and labor law?
  • Do you have specific legal questions related to these fields?
  • Do you need help drafting employment contracts for your business?
  • Do you have a dispute with one of your employees?
  • Do you want to terminate an employment contract?
  • Do you have an employee who does not respect his non-compete clause in the employment contract he signed with you?
  • Do you have questions concerning non-compliance or the interpretation a of non-competition clause of an employee or partner?

Consulting a lawyer can help you to implement the employment strategy best suited to your specific situation, protecting the interests of your company.

  • Our lawyers can assist you in many ways, including:
  • The negotiation of employment and consulting agreements,
  • Drafting employment and consulting contracts;
  • All issues of labor standards;
  • On the interpretation and the application of labor and employment laws;
  • Clarifying human rights questions;
  • Clarifying questions of access and protection of information;
  • Regulations regarding harassment in the workplace,
  • And more!

Having the assistance of a lawyer is essential when one of your former employees threatens your rights, including working for a competitor. We will advise you on the best legal strategy to defend your rights, including on the possibility of requesting a provisional or interlocutory injunction.