Writing contracts

Our legal team has experience with contract law in a wide variety of businesses and industries within Quebec, Canada, the United States, and internationally. Countless legal disputes between parties amount to the interpretation and application of clauses defined in contracts.

Contracts define rights, obligations, and other terms between two or more parties who are engaging in some agreement for a determinate purpose, and they are treated as a legal bond between the parties. Properly defining the purpose of an engagement, the limitations of a contract, the parties involved, their obligations, and so on, is crucial to ensure the success of any agreement.

It often takes many years before anybody has to rely on the very specific terms of an agreement, our lawyers who specialize in contracts will help you predict the issues that could arise down the road. Spending the time to ensure that your agreement works for you and will continue to do so in the future is well worth the effort. Our lawyers can also help you interpret existing agreements and dispute the claims of another party.

For more general background information on contracts within Canada, consider consulting this online resource below:

The Canadian Encyclopedia – Contract Law in Canada

Our lawyers can help you in some of the following areas, including, but not limited to:

  • Drafting contracts for your business (employment contracts, shareholder agreements, partnership agreements, and more)
  • Clarification on legal terms and clauses within a contract
  • Defining the terms of contractual agreements
  • Drafting successful contracts that will protect you and your assets in the future
  • Contesting existing contractual agreements
  • Terminating contractual agreements and obligations
  • Drafting amendments to contracts due to substantive changes in the circumstances
  • Suing for damages regarding the breach of a contract
  • International sale and transportation contracts
  • International/cross-border contract disputes

We have helped clients draft successful contract agreements in the past, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Loan contracts;
  • Agreements between shareholders (unanimous shareholders’ agreements or others);
  • Service contracts;
  • Commercial leases;
  • Confidentiality or non-disclosure agreements (NDA);
  • Distribution agreements;
  • Trade agreements;
  • License agreements;
  • Non-competition agreements;
  • Partnership agreements;
  • Contract of sale or purchase of business or company;
  • and more!

Contact us for assistance in contract law!

Let us know your situation, an experienced lawyer will hear you and guide you in the right direction. We can help you by clarifying dense legal terminology, knowing your rights, expressing your best interest in the negotiation of a new contract or clause, and ensuring that you satisfy all the legal requirements necessary for your contract to be successful today and in the future.